Environmental Sustainability at Microsoft

Microsoft refurbishers specialize in professionally and safely decommissioning PCs and servers through asset recycling. It is important your computer is disposed of professionally and safely so your data is not compromised.

Safe disposal of technology devices is important to safe guarding the data stored or accessed from technology devices. Security breaches can plague consumers and businesses and results in untold economic and personal impact. Decommissioning devices with data security in mind cannot be overlooked when disposing of technology.

Production and disposal of electronics has such a huge environmental impact. Microsoft, along with other technology leaders and worldwide organizations, recognizes the problem of end-of-life management for technology devices and the complexities and challenges for consumers when dealing with it. They are committed to the recovery and recycling of the useful materials in our products, and keeping them out of landfills at the end of their life cycle.

Microsoft refurbishers use stringent data wiping standards to effectively erase your data. They refurbish the PCs or servers and install genuine Microsoft software so they are ready for new owners. A Microsoft refurbisher can also provide a variety of asset management offerings