“Helping to make places safer for people”

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Temperature Screening Scan for temperature/fever – Measure within ±0.3 °C the temperature of people passing the camera. Fully Automated – The software scans, measures temperature and alerts if there are issues. Maintain Social Distancing – You are able to scan people from a safe distance.

COVID-19 has spread around the world. Offices, hotels and places of work have shut. As they start to re-open, how we continue to avoid exposing ourselves to people who may have COVID-19 is a major concern for us all. The use of Temperature Screening Cameras allows you to reduce the likelihood of coming in contact with people who may have the virus by flagging people with raised body temperatures.

Thermal cameras with high temperature accuracy can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a temperature/fever. Thermal cameras can be used for the temperature screening of travellers, shoppers, and workers.

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